What is  Bitcoin?  How To Earn Bitcoin ?   Latest Price of Bitcoin ? This question search by every techy student who use internet & Facebook. All who know about Bitcoin cryptocurrency he also want to earn bitcoin because he know the real value of Bitcoin. Then this Article is for you. Check full details About Bitcoin & Bitcoin Earning. Also Read how to create fake whatsapp conversation

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What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is is a form of digital currency. It was Invented by Satoshi Nakamoto secret user  in 31 October 2008 but it fully come in 2009 in the form Digital Currency.

In Easy Language :- 

Eg.  Paytm, Amazon Pay Balance You can’t touch that and have no physical Appearance but you can trade anywhere for Purchasing new Products and other services also.

How It Work ?

It uses for doing transaction Many Countries accepted Bitcoin for Shopping and For ordering Pizza also. Recently powerfull virus affect windows Desktop named Ransomware in this virus hacker, freez all the permission for user and if the user want to access there System back then he have to pay using Bitcoin.

How To Invest ?

Many website available in internet that they promised they give Bitcoin for doing task. But many of them are fake and not giving anything. But we provide you best and safe Android App from where you can earn Bitcoin easily.

Zebpay Android App :-

1. Download Zebpay Wallet From Here.

2. Open, Verify your mobile no. Through Otp and Setup Account Pin ( 4 Digit Pin ).

3. Now Enter Name, Email All Done But You Have To verify for that you have to upload Bank Account And Pan Card Details in verification section.

4. Now You Can do Transaction.

5. Now Click on Free Bitcoin From Menu option.

6. Enter Promo Code :-
REF90928683 “. To Get Free Rs. 100 Bitcoin in wallet.

Unocoin Android App :-

1. Download Unocoin App From Here.

2. Do Verification Process and Set Pin.

3. Now You Have to Verify Bank Account And Pan Card Details.

4. After That You Have To Enter Promo Code : – ” U248347

Conclusion :-

At last, If You want To Earn From Bitcoin then You Have To Invest On these App By Buying Or selling in Affordable Price.