what is google adsense What is Google Adsense?

Google AdSense is the best network which pays though highest pay per click which was introduced by Google. AdSense is a program from Google that allows bloggers and website owners to make money by displaying Google ads. It is one of the most convenient ways to earn money. You can earn money when a visitor clicks on your ads.

How to earn money from AdSense?

how to earn online with google adsense

1.) Create a Website –
Without a website, you cannot earn money from AdSense. In AdSense, you get your money from ads which reader click on that ads. So, the First step creates a blog on any type of – Articles, news, jokes, Online shopping/recharge offer, and some other topics.
2.) Google Policies –
After creating blog Fulfill all the needs of blog According to Google AdSense policy like Privacy policy, search console, At least 40 to 50 post, blog design. It takes time At least 3 to 4 month to fulfill policy, Then Apply for AdSense.
3.) Register for Google AdSense –
After following all above method then go to Adsense.And fill all the requirements like website address, personal information. After Applying to AdSense wait for minimum 6 hours. Then you get an email from google. That the Application is approved/ disapproved.
If you get approval then sign in to Adsense then create ads, copy the code which appears and pastes it into your blog.
4.) Increase Traffic to earn profit –
After doing all above step then give traffic to your blog through social media’s like facebook, WhatsApp, twitter, google and etc.

How to signup on Google Adsense –

Just go to the AdSense homepage from here and click on the “Sign up now” red button.
Complete registration –
Step 1. Select your Google Account to continue from which you want to create account.
Step 2. Now Tell us about your content section- Enter your main website/blog URL, then select your website content language Hindi/English or any other language.
Read and pay attention to the Google AdSense policies because if you violate the rules, your account can be disabled later and unfortunately, you have small chances to get it back.

Click on “I have read and agree…” and then press “Continue”
Step 3. Now, Submit your AdSense application: select your account type and enter your personal information (country, your real name, address, phone no.). Next, press “Submit my application” to finish the registration.
After applying on Google AdSense. Wait for max. 1 week you get the email from them That the account is approved or disapprove.

How to get approval easily –

1) Write Sufficient post –
This reason face by everyone including me also. Just published 40 -50 Post with images links.
2) Blog design/ page type –
You know creative and attractive things are first liked by everyone. So make your blog creative by installing a creative template which is free for all. Click here to find a creatibe template for your blog.
3) Create privacy policy, contact us pages –
Every online service either online shopping or another website present in a google search. Make these pages from here.
4) Publish your blog on Google Search Console –
For better performance of your blog, Your blog is available in a google search that anyone from anywhere can search your blog on google. For submitting your blog to Google Webmaster tool click here.
5) Copy material –
Don’t copy any post from any website Google is smart they identify the website from where you copied that post from sitemap of your blog.
Why Adsense reject My Application –
common adsense rejection reason
1) Insufficient content –
If your blog doesn’t have insufficient Post or you write your post with grammatical mistakes. Then it will be rejected by Google AdSense.

2) Page type/Design of blog –
If your blog Template is Not attrative or slow processing Then this will occur problem.

3) About Us, Privacy Policy, Contact us Pages not available –
This page is important for Blogs. You can also see these pages in all blog or a Website Available On Google.
5) Copying post from other Website or blog –
As new Blogger think That they make the New Blog And They Copy Posts From Other Blogs Or Website And they Post that posts New blog which they made.
6) Blog Age –
Don’t apply for AdSense Approval if the blog is new. Apply after same time (At least 3 months).
7) Use of other ads network: –
It is strictly banned that you can not Use other advertising Sites like Chitika,cluclick and etc.